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Water Helps Dissolves Fat (Within Our Bodies)

September 20, 2011

As a longtime dieter, I have recently found the real key to weight control and healthy living.  This special ingredient is a weight-loss supplement that most physicians and dieticians say little about:  “water.”  The reason could be that:  “water is free and rarely renders profits.” 


Years of research have revealed that water helps one to look better, feel better, and be healthier.  Here’s what water does:


  • Water boosts metabolism!  Drinking ice water requires your body to heat it up to your body temperature.  Our metabolism  works 25% harder for 60 minutes, German researchers say.
  • Water reduces hunger.  Virginia Tech found that dieters who drink water before a meal will automatically consume 13% fewer calories.  Our stomachs are like balloons that expand and contract based on how full we are.  Water has no calories, yet it helps expand the balloon so we feel fuller faster.
  • Water can reduce 450 calories daily.  When we switch from sugary drinks to water, the average American cuts 450 calories a day; and research reveals that we will fill less hungry.
  • Water makes every organ in our bodies healthier.  Sufficient water helps make each organ function properly and repair itself more efficiently. Insufficient water can cause inefficient organ function, damage, or disease.   


According to Dr. Travis Stork, of the Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, TN, “water dissolves fat.”  (Dr. Stork starred in ABC’s reality dating show, “The Bachelor” in 2006; and he flies to Hollywood to tape “The Doctors,” in which he still stars.)  To speed weight loss and boost overall health, Dr. Stork recommends the following dosage of water:*


                                    Upon rising:                           8 oz. water

                                    Mid-morning:                        8 oz. water

                                    Before lunch:                          8 oz. water

                                    Mid-afternoon:                      8 oz. water

                                    Before dinner:                        8 oz. water

                                    8 p.m.:                                        8 oz. water


*SAFETY NOTE:  Drinking large quantities of water under extreme circumstances can pose health risks.  Avoid water-chugging contests and consult an expert during activities like marathons and boot camps.


We can tweak Dr. Stork’s “prescription” to suit our schedules.  “The key is to go into the day with a solid game plan and stick with it,” Dr. Stork says.  “If you wait until you’re thirsty before you drink, you’re already dehydrated.”  He also adds that we do not have to diet to lose weight while using his “water cure plan.”  “Drinking water alone is enough, “he says, “to help the average overweight person flush away one, two, or even three pounds a week.  And, if you choose to eat healthy, water can make just about any plan work faster and more easily than it otherwise would.”


Water-rich foods (such as fruit, vegetables, yogurt, and soup) are also recommended by Dr. Stork for added effects on weight loss and better health.


MY TESTIMONY:  I have now been using Dr. Stork’s “water prescription” for five weeks.  I feel better and have lost 15 pounds.  I first had to “force” myself to learn to like the taste (or lack of taste) of water.  I now enjoy it with lemon, lime, or orange slices.  I have noticed that when I drink enough water frequently, my stomach seldom “feels hungry.”  I drink my 48-ounces per day around the clock rather just during the daytime.  Therefore, I don’t feel hungry or deprived during the daytime or night.  No reason for binges!  Whenever I eat a meal, I use smaller portions now, because I begin eating with a half-full stomach of water.  Therefore, whenever I eat, I feel full faster.  My cravings for unhealthy foods are minimal now because my stomach is never completely empty.  In between meals, I snack on a small piece of fruit or yogurt.  Eating something about every three hours keeps my metabolism working at a higher pace.  Whenever we fast for a period of time, our metabolisms automatically slow down, thus causing our bodies to hold on to unwanted fat rather than to release it.  I DO NOT deprive my body of ANY types of food since our bodies tell us what and when nutrition is needed; and they usually need some of it all.  We must pay close attention to the nutritional desires of our bodies, however.  I stop eating the minute I feel full.  If I desire to eat again before three hours later, I simply drink a little more of my “water prescription” and wait.   


I have learned that it’s not the complicated or super-duper-expensive supplements that end up making the difference in our weight control.  It’s the simple things we stick with.  Water is a very easy thing we can do to change our body for the better.


And I love “simple and easy.”     Water has become my body’s best friend!


Gloria Carter is a wife, mother, grandmother, Red-Hatter, and all-around enjoy-er of the life God has abundantly blessed her with.


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