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Don’t Miss God …

October 14, 2011
Ya know how some people sometimes write their f/b entries in ‘riddle form’??? That kinda bugs me. I suppose I’m always looking for the backstory behind their choppy statement. Well, at the risk of doing that, I just have to share that WE SERVE AN AMAZING GOD!!! He is!!! We’ve been studying His Omniscience the past few weeks around here! Not an easy task! I mean, how in the world do you really catch that, let alone teach that!
Well, I can tell you, He showed up! (I mean He was always there to begin with, isn’t that the very definition of Omniscience?). I just wanted to remind YOU, encourage YOU, in case you’ve never encountered Him, in case you’ve forgotten Him, in case it’s just slipped your mind, even if only for today, that we serve a MIGHTY, God!!! One who is SO big that He, creator of all, is the God of this Universe, the God of this earth, and, not to worry,
He’s the God of this country, ALL THAT and ….yet SO VERY PERSONAL, He clearly reached down and touched the finer details of life in such a beautiful way for us today. The Creator of the universe still hears the whisper,of his children, the heart’s cry of one who has deep insight and a deep desire for Him. I saw that happen today before my very eyes. I must withhold the back story here as it’s not mine to tell. But just know that He is there,
HE IS RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. He’s a big enough God to see you through and yet a personal enough God to CARRY YOUR LOAD if you just reach for Him. He’s a perfect gentleman, He won’t snatch it from you but He will gladly bear it for you. He created it and He’ll walk you through it. Whatever YOUR ‘it’ is in your life, in your heart, He’s right there with you. Don’t miss Him..

Lisa Stephens is a Wife of 27 years, mom of 3, Writer from the Heart :)


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