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The ‘Joy’ of Cleansing Tears

October 14, 2011
As I’ve immersed myself in some intense reading materials lately, I came across an obvious yet provocative sentiment examining many kinds of tears. There are as many ‘types’ of tears as their are emotions.Okay, we know that. But think about it for a moment. We express tears of joy when touched deeply, tears of sadness come quickly with loss, tears often accompany fear, tears are shed with deep remorse, angry tears come with frustration sometimes.

My personal favorite are those times that bring about CLEANSING tears! That’s the type I read about today. Tears are many times a by product of a deep, cleansing of our souls! I guess sort of like a rain shower… tears can refresh and can energize us to move ahead, sort of like a new beginning. Just kind of feels good.

So what’s the point? I suppose it’s allow yourself to go have a good cry…it does a heart good!!! Then smiles have room to grow!

Lisa Stephens is a Wife of 27 years, mom of 3, Writer from the Heart 🙂


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